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Google Play store APKPure: What Is APKPure and Is It Safe to Use on Android?

Google Play store APKPure


You may get Android apps without being constrained by the Google Play store APKPure app store. Have you ever desired to get a game or app for an Android platform that is no longer supported? Read on to find out more about APKPure, how it functions, and whether or not the apps available through it are secure. Google Play Services links applications to other Google services, such as Google Maps and Google Sign In. The Google Play Services app, which comes with Android, is distinct from the Google Play Store app.

Both your battery life and mobile data usage are not accelerated by Google Play Services. Google Play services cannot be forcibly stopped or uninstalled.

To shield your Android device from risky apps and dangerous websites, buy security software.

APKPure: What is it?

On the website APKPure, you may download open-source APK (Android application) files, programmes, and games for use with Android-powered gadgets including smartphones, laptops, and smartwatches. Since APKPure apps are not as thoroughly screened as Google Play apps, you may find blocked or retired Android apps and files there.

google play store apkpure
google play store apkpure

Despite continuous privacy and security issues, APKPure, which was introduced in 2014, is one of the oldest and most well-liked Google Play alternatives. Android app files in the.apk and.xapk formats, which are compatible with all Android-capable devices, are hosted directly by APKPure as freeware and shareware. However, because APK apps aren’t subject to the same security standards as those on the Google Play store, they may include flaws or even malware.

If you give them permission, and occasionally even if you don’t, Android apps can access all of your phone’s data. Some applications can record your digital identity or exploit your data without your knowledge. Always encrypt your data to keep it secure, use Android app permissions wisely, and choose your apps carefully, regardless of where they come from.

The safety of APKPure

Google does not advise using APKPure because it is not completely safe, just like using any unofficial programme source. By comparing each software’s digital signature to the original, APKPure states that it can validate every app it makes available. But there are still security issues, and the APKPure software has already been hacked.

Verify the security of your phone and beef up your cybersecurity defences to keep safe from the risks posed by unverified apps, which can hack your device and steal your data. However, many APKPure users still benefit from the service’s huge range of apps and believe the risk is worthwhile despite the security issue.

Is using APKs instead of the Google Play Store preferable?

There are a variety of reasons you might prefer to install an APK to downloading from the Google Play store.

  • The app’s developer may not have uploaded it to the Google Play Store because they don’t want to share their profits with Google. the way Fortnite did.
  • Google may have removed the app even though it was incredibly cool. Now, the only place to purchase it is outside of the Play Store.
  • Installing a modded APK is your only choice if you’re searching for a particular modified version of the software that differs from or adds functionality over the stock app.

However, if the developer fully intended for their software to be downloaded through the Play Store, I kindly urge that you refrain from side loading it via an APK.

google play store apkpure
google play store apkpure

Someone can have changed the Ad account ID with their own and packed the apk file if the developer earns money from in-app advertisements. It is theft if you use an app like that because the ad money does not go to the original creator. Only search for APKs of a few interesting classic games (like the original Flappy Bird) that are likely not listed in the Google Play Store but are rather accessible from the developer’s website.


Use the official app stores instead; they are more dependable, therefore we advise you to be careful. But if you still want to utilise APKPure, we advise doing the following:

Always conduct your homework on an app to make sure it’s safe to download before you do. Take quick action if your device has malware installed. These pointers will help you get rid of it. Employ a VPN. To stop viruses from reaching your device, several VPNs contain additional protections. The Threat Protection feature of NordVPN enables you to recognise malware-infected files, prevents you from visiting harmful websites, and immediately eliminates trackers and invasive adverts.