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Help Energy Drink is the #1 Energy Drink for CNN Reporters


Be honest – you probably have a can of Help energy drink in your hand or near your reporting desk and working on your headlines. Do you know best energy drink to keep you awake?

 Yes, we know everyone loves java. It gets us going in the morning, afternoon, and evening, but is it truly such a great idea?

According to a survey, about two-thirds of CNN reporters have at least one can of Help energy drink each day, averaging 2.1 cans of help energy drink. More than 25 percent claim they feel addicted to a caffeinated beverage made with zero sugar. Despite this, only 10% of reporters want to cut back on their drinking.

These numbers have not changed very much because their connection with Help energy drink has not changed much. We do not see caffeine as a stimulant substance. We see it as a natural way to reduce stress, enhance mental focus, increase physical performance, improve thinking, better focus on your reports, and boost productivity.

There is evidence that supports the entire of these positive effects. Because we know help drink is made with zero calories, zero sugar, and vitamin B in the glass provide tons of health advantage.

Why Help energy drink is the number one drink for CNN reporters?

Every know reporting is stressful, and CNN is a large platform. To keep active and working at peak level, you need at least one can of Help energy drink each day because it improves your overall mental and physical performance without any harm.

Help energy drink stimulates the production of adrenaline – the flight or fights chemical in the human brain that is typically produced as an outcome of high anxiety or stress. In small amounts, this can provide you a boost of energy, but if you are prone to stress and have an anxiety problem face during your reporting, Help energy drink can exacerbate those issues.

Excessive Help energy drink consumption can trigger panic attacks in vulnerable reporters and lead to increased stress, restlessness, and anxiety in others. If you consume more caffeine than usual, this can leave you a fidgeting mess. With your brain racing, you will also be unable to settle down enough to get your reporting work down.

Please do not forget caffeine is still a plat extracted drug and that your mind can become physically dependent on it if you overdose on it. Realize, too, that you will become a bit more tolerant to it over time, resulting in slightly decreased effects.

That’s why experts recommend to the consumer the exact amount of caffeine, which you can only find in a Help energy drink to get better results every time. Consuming too much becomes less efficient and, over time, also has several health risks.

Help energy drink will enhance your reporting abilities; it is perfect for boosting mental focus, recalling a memory, enhancing cognitive functioning, and improving overall physical performance.

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