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Landscaping Architect in California – Consider Calimingo Pools



Imagine looking for a new home and finding one that is very appealing. It has the right number of bedrooms, a family room, a beautiful and spacious kitchen, and a huge backyard. The backyard has enough space for everything that would work for the family, but nothing has been developed. All the backyard has is room and grass with nothing else.

Unfortunately, this family has decided to forego all the great things about the property and focus on nothing other than what they would have wanted in the backyard but found it lacking.

The real estate agent tried to convince them they could change everything with one call to a landscaping architect and suggested they call Calimingo Pools because the property was in Newport Beach, California. Landscaping architects from this company can plan, design, and execute everything this family sought in their spacious backyard.

What is the full range for which a landscaping architect can do to create a dream backyard? Is there an interest in a pool? A backyard kitchen and dining area? A cabana building? Seating areas? Does the family want design features like tranquil and restful areas, or are they looking for fun, exciting, and active areas?

To get started with a plan to make the backyard precisely what this family dreamed of, the real estate agent suggested they go online and take the survey posted on Calimingo’s website at Within this survey are questions, and with the answers provided by the family, the good folks at Calimingo can derive such information as the family’s lifestyle, how they like to unwind, and what they would enjoy most out of a backyard oasis.

After considering the answers provided, the architects at the company and those who work with them to plan and execute the interim design will create the actual plan. They will measure all areas and discuss the materials to be used. They will then review the plans with the homeowners and modify their design to express and perfectly reflect what the family dreams of perfectly.

After design approval, the architects will consult with several people to provide a well-thought-out estimate for the project’s cost. During the survey, the family will have provided Calimingo with an estimate of what they would like to spend on the backyard. Taking all that into consideration, an estimate is provided to the family.

After the final approvals, the Calimingo permitting team will do its work in getting all the required local permits so that the project build can commence.

But what if the homeowner needs financial help to make the backyard dream come true? Claiming works with HFS Financial to help those completing backyards with pools with funding up to $250,000 with a 20-year term loan. They also work with a second company, Lyon Financial, which provides loans for backyard construction with swimming pools. The choice belongs to the homeowner.

The real estate agent can help decide to work with a landscaping architect and may even be available to help with some of the details of the project, like how much the completed project will add to the worth of the property. Working with a 5-star company like Calimingo makes a big difference in how easy the project will be, the finished quality, and the value added to the property at the end of the project.

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