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Insurance Emporium Reviews


The Insurance Emporium is a company with a 4.2 Trustpilot rating. This rating reflects over 4,200 customer reviews. Of these, 77% have rated the company as ‘Excellent.’ The remaining 8% were ‘Bad.’ The most common complaints were that claims were not paid, there was not enough documentation for policies, and the quotes for renewal were too expensive.


The Insurance Emporium offers a variety of pet insurance policies. These policies include a percentage co-payment that is added to the policy’s excess amount. This co-payment contributes to the cost of veterinary care for your pet. It is five percent for a pet under eight years of age and fifteen percent for an older pet.

The insurance plan that you choose should include the services you need. For example, if you plan to have a baby, you should choose a plan with maternity coverage. In addition, you should not skimp on the medical coverage you need, as premiums and out-of-pocket expenses can add up quickly.


Regarding insurance policies, excess is an amount you have to pay toward your claims. This amount changes every year, along with your premium, and will differ depending on your policy type and the level of coverage you select. The following example shows a policy excess based on a policy for a mixed-breed pet.

The Insurance Emporium offers a range of policies for both businesses and individuals. They can provide coverage for your car, house, motorcycle, equine, caravan, and more. Their policies include liability, medical, home, camera, and motorbike insurance.

Cover levels

Insurance Emporium provides a range of different cover levels for different needs. There are bronze, silver, and gold policies, all of which are priced differently and have varying levels of cover. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly for your policy. Depending on your circumstances, you can opt for less comprehensive policies, such as accident-only or a standalone public liability policy.

In addition to providing comprehensive cover, Insurance Emporium also offers a variety of other products, such as caravan and horse insurance. In addition to these, you can also purchase a home, camera, and life insurance.

Defaqto rating

The Defaqto rating of Insurance Emporium indicates that they offer comprehensive insurance policies with various benefits and features. This is one of the essential aspects of choosing a policy. Defaqto is an independent financial research company with over 400 analysts. The analyst’s rate products based on their DNA score and star rating.

This rating shows how many customers are satisfied with the service they received from Insurance Emporium. The company has a high score from Defaqto, with policies achieving ratings of between four and five stars. In addition, their customer care agents can provide you with more information about the different cover options and policies. With these high ratings, the company is recommended by many customers.

Trustpilot rating

If you are looking for an insurance company that offers a range of policies, you may want to consider Insurance Emporium. The company is a member of the Association of British Insurers and has been trading for 70 years. However, a long trading history does not always mean that a company is good for you. You can get recourse through the Financial Ombudsman Service if you are unhappy with your insurance policy.

Insurance Emporium is a company registered in England with the Financial Conduct Authority. This regulation is designed to protect customers from unfair treatment or disputes.


There are many ways to save money at The Insurance Emporium. New customers can take advantage of an introductory 20% discount. There are also discounts for club members. You can find details of these offers on their website. Using coupons makes shopping fun and easy! Discounts at Insurance Emporium are a great way to save money on all your insurance needs.

The Insurance Emporium sends out policy reviews to customers by email or post. Therefore, it is essential to read them carefully. You can contact their customer support team for any questions or concerns. They will be more than happy to help you.