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LPM Restaurant & Bar Launches New Global Experiential Cocktail Menu


LPM Restaurant & Bar is launching a global experiential cocktail menu in honor of renowned French writer and artist Jean Cocteau. The menu pays tribute to the writer and artist who died 58 years ago. The restaurant & bar boasts a laidback South of France vibe and award-winning bartenders.

La Vie en Rose brunch

If you’re looking for a brunch in the area that has European ambiance and excellent cuisine, La Vie en Rose is the place to be. This casual eatery offers an outdoor dining area and personalized service. Their menu features delicious, innovative foods made from the freshest ingredients and is sure to impress you.

The brunch is hosted by chef Marcel Ravin and runs from 13 March to 8 May. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a range of dishes created by a team of world-class chefs. You’ll also be able to enjoy a live music performance by a band specializing in jazz.

The LPM brunch offers a classic Sunday brunch with a twist, in a chic Parisian setting. The menu includes a range of dishes from France and Italy as well as premium beverages and mocktails. You’ll enjoy unlimited starters served at your table. Other dishes on the menu include grilled lamb cutlets and lemon-roasted coquelet.

Hommage to Jean Cocteau

LPM Restaurant & Bar’s new cocktail menu pays tribute to the late French poet, playwright, filmmaker, and designer. His work included Beauty and the Beast, which is widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time. The LPM Hommage cocktail, inspired by Cocteau’s work, features cognac, cherry heering, and a garnish of a gold-dust cherry.

The menu is a clever fusion of history and the works of Cocteau. It takes guests on an immersive journey through a bygone era. The menu is divided into four chapters, each highlighting a different period of Cocteau’s life. For each chapter, guests are presented with three signature cocktails, each representing a different aspect of Cocteau’s life.

New cocktail menu

LPM Restaurant and Bar is pleased to announce the launch of a new, global cocktail menu. Inspired by the work of French writer and artist Jean Cocteau, the new menu celebrates the artist’s legacy. The new menu will feature cocktails made with premium spirts and served in elegant crystal stemware.

LPM has been an institution in the Dubai restaurant scene for over a decade. It is one of the most difficult places to get a reservation, despite the fact that the restaurant is one of the best in town. LPM is renowned for its use of top-quality ingredients and tried-and-true recipes. Its staff is warm and welcoming and will treat you like a regular. In addition to the delicious food, LPM offers great people watching.

Healthy dishes

LPM Restaurant & Bar has launched its first-ever fine dining menu for children. Last month, it celebrated its 10th anniversary, introduced delivery, and curated the kids menu. As a result, six children from across Dubai were invited to sample the dishes. They were impressed by the taste and the fresh, healthy ingredients.

The new menu includes a selection of healthy dishes as well as indulgent dishes. You can choose from a variety of dishes such as lamb cutlets or 400g rib-eye steak. The restaurant has also added some unique additions, like a complimentary warm baguette. Other signatures include the signature LPM table decor and a bottle of the finest olive oil.

Kids menu

The LPM menu has a special section for kids. The restaurant has worked with Deliveroo to create a curated kids menu. The new menu is available on Deliveroo starting on 5 November. When ordering through Deliveroo, customers will receive a free blank LPM canvas bag and paint kit.

The menu includes items for children under 10, which is an excellent choice for parents of young children. It also includes several dishes that are suitable for a family dinner. Chef Patron Raphael Duntoye says that the children’s dishes are healthy, fresh, and tasty. The restaurant also offers home delivery services. It is partnered with Deliveroo to provide customers with a fine dining experience without leaving their homes.