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Motorola Moto E6s Review


Those who love taking pictures will find the Motorola Moto E6s a fantastic smartphone. It has a 13-megapixel camera that features phase detection autofocus and a depth sensor, and it can capture beautiful portraits with a blurred bokeh effect.


Whether you are in the market for a new smartphone or just want to upgrade your old handset, the Motorola Moto E6s is an excellent choice. Its main selling point is its camera, which can capture quality images and videos. The camera has several settings to make it more user-friendly, including a manual mode and a mode for adjusting white balance. You can also switch between wide angle and macro mode. It also has a front facing camera for self portraits.

The best thing about the camera is the ease with which it can be used, allowing you to take pictures without having to manually adjust the settings. The camera can be used in the same mode as your other apps, if you want to switch modes you just need to press the arrow circle button.

Screen size

Compared to other devices in this price range, the Moto E6s has a screen size that is a little small. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad phone. It’s actually quite good for the price, and the specifications are quite impressive.

While the Moto E6s isn’t the sharpest display on the market, it does have a great range of colors, and the images are generally good. The screen is a 6.1in IPS panel, and has a cinematic 18:9 aspect ratio. It also has a peak brightness of 423cd/m2 and a 2,051:1 contrast ratio.

The camera on the Moto E6s is a single 13MP rear camera. It has a few nice features, such as auto night mode, and a Portrait Mode. However, the camera software is simple and doesn’t have many options. It also doesn’t support HDR10.

The Moto E6s runs on Android 9.0 (Pie) and has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. The battery is also removable.

Battery life

Despite being a budget phone, the battery life of the Motorola Moto E6s is impressive. It can last up to a full day if used moderately. Fortunately, the battery is removable, so it can be easily replaced.

It’s not an uncomplicated device, but the Moto E6s is a fairly good Android phone. It’s got a decent battery, good cameras, and a near-stock Android experience. It’s also got a fingerprint sensor, which is a nice touch.

The Moto E6s has a 3,000mAh battery, which is more than enough to last a full day. But it doesn’t come with fast charging. You have to put it on a wired charger, which takes about 3 hours to fully charge.

Fingerprint sensor

Using a fingerprint sensor on your Motorola Moto E6 can protect your personal data from unauthorized access. This method is faster than a password or pattern key and allows you to unlock your phone and launch applications.

The Moto E6 has several advantages in terms of security, but it doesn’t have some of the features that other smartphones have. The fingerprint scanner is the most important feature, and is easy to set up.

It’s a fingerprint reader, so a clean and fingerprint free hand is necessary. You can set up multiple fingerprints on your Motorola Moto E6.

The Moto E6 also features an ambient light sensor, which is a battery optimizer. These are a few of the features that the Moto E6 deserved a 7 in our sensor rating.


Those who are looking to buy an affordable Android smartphone can get their hands on the Moto E6s. This device is packed with plenty of features. It has a dual rear camera setup and runs Android 9.0 Pie. It also features a fingerprint sensor, and VoLTE, which is a feature that enables faster data speeds for browsing and calling.

Moreover, the Moto E6s comes with a big 6.1-inch screen. This makes it easier to view videos and increases productivity.

It also has a fingerprint sensor on the back, so you can protect your personal data. You can also use VoLTE to make calls faster, and enjoy high-definition voice quality.