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Phillips Funeral Home


Funeral arrangements can be stressful. Planning gives your family peace of mind knowing their needs will be addressed.

The Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule mandates that firms disclose charges separately for services and merchandise (caskets, vaults, and urns), accommodation items, and any additional services they offer in order for consumers to compare prices among funeral homes easily. This allows consumers to compare funeral prices directly.


Phillips Funeral Home staff members are exceptionally professional, always treating you with dignity and respect. As a family-owned company, you can entrust with all of your arrangements; their funeral director Tonya Hayes was incredibly caring, compassionate, and respectful when I needed her services for funeral arrangements. I strongly recommend them to anyone needing funeral services.

Established by Elizabeth Lattimore “Bobbi” Phillips and Arlington S. Phillips in 1951, one of the first businesses in Sandtown was created here on N. Monroe Street. Our modern white concrete building provides spacious visitation rooms and a large chapel that seats 250 people – one of Sandtown’s first operations!

After retiring from her business career, she enjoyed traveling to Bermuda and the Caribbean, reading two books per week, tending her garden at Belle Avenue home in northwest Baltimore, and working on the genealogy of her family tree.

Commitment to the Community

Funeral homes assist families as they grieve and find closure after losing a loved one. As family-run businesses, funeral directors work closely with family members to provide quality services that help grieving individuals move past grief more efficiently. Their 24-hour support staff is there for them during this difficult time to help guide them in the right direction and assist when needed. Whether deciding upon burial or cremation, options are available to you, and make recommendations tailored specifically to each situation.

Traditional funeral services follow cultural or religious customs, typically including family and friends gathering to say their final farewells at either a funeral home or church with casketed remains present for viewing and service. Following this service, a procession may proceed directly to the cemetery for a final resting place if cremation services are desired, as they can take place either with or without funeral services present.

At Phillips Funeral Home, we aim to offer professional yet dignified service to every family. We must uphold the integrity of the funeral industry by providing them with an alternative to big box funeral homes and chain mortuaries.

Phillips Funeral Home has been owned and run by five generations of the Phillips family since it opened its doors. Over this time, they have gained extensive knowledge in funeral services while cultivating strong customer relations. Over time, the business has adjusted to meet community needs – in addition to funeral services offered, Phillips also sells urns and merchandise.

Ernest and Mary Jane Phillips initially ran their business. Later it passed to their children, James and Ada Phillips, and eventually their grandchildren, Richard and Andrea Phillips; over 100 years later it continues operating with an outstanding reputation within its local community.

Ray hails from Stoneville and has been part of the Phillips Funeral Home team since 2006. He enjoys working with families during their most difficult moments and considers assisting during such trying times an honor. Outside the funeral home, he loves hunting, fishing, and fixing things around his house.

Family-Focused Service

Phillips Family Funeral Homes have long been relied upon when families face their most challenging moments. Established in a small Michigan town, they have outlived several economic downturns. Now serving many local communities across Michigan with over 30 staff members available, ensuring each family receives exceptional service.

Funeral homes provide many different services, from cremation and casketing to monuments and pre-planning assistance – offering peace of mind in times of grief as it lessens planning burdens and paperwork requirements.

Funeral homes also provide memorial gifts that help families mark and commemorate a person’s life, along with ceremonies explicitly tailored to your family’s needs and budget. Furthermore, funeral packages may be tailored specifically for you as well.

Phillips Funeral Home provides funeral services for people of all denominations and beliefs, serving the local community for over 100 years. Established by J. Foster Phillips, who understood the need for quality, family-run funeral homes providing exceptional care with great attention to detail, Phillips Funeral Home has long been providing quality funeral services with its extensive range of funeral packages for every religion and belief system.

Since its foundation in 1946, this funeral home has been passed down through five generations of Phillips families – beginning with James and Ada Phillips, then Forrest and Dorothy Phillips, then Richard and Andrea Phillips, and now Richard and Andrea Phillips. Today it stands as one of the longest-running family businesses in the area.

No more excellent way exists to express one’s appreciation, respect, and praise than through a memorial service. By choosing the appropriate funeral home and planning it appropriately, memorial services provide a streamlined, efficient process and help those grieving come to terms with losing a loved one more efficiently and comfortably.

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Personalized Tributes

Phillips Funeral Home provides families in times of need and when making plans for the future with all they require to navigate the grief process effectively and ensure all requirements of family members are met. Their staff members are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to assist. Phillips strives to offer high levels of professionalism to effectively meet every family’s needs.

They do this by tailoring services specifically to each family and loved one who passes on. They work closely with them to acknowledge and celebrate his or her life while creating a ceremony that is fitting and unique; this personalized approach enables family members to feel connected both to the deceased and other guests at the funeral or memorial service.

Customized services may also include artistic elements created by or for the deceased, artwork from family and friends, and live or prerecorded music incorporated into the service.

A video tribute is one moving way to commemorate your loved one at their service. These touching videos combine images with cinematic introductions, your choice of music, and professional effects for a powerful keepsake to keep memories of this lifelong companion alive within your family forever.