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Powers Funeral Home


Powers Funeral Home serves families in Lugoff, Camden, Elgin, and Kershaw County in South Carolina by guiding them through funeral etiquette, memorial services, costs of preplanning funerals, and writing obituaries for loved ones.

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Plan Ahead

Each major life event requires careful preparation; funerals are no exception. Planning will spare your loved ones of emotional and financial strain by guaranteeing that your final wishes will be carried out as intended and that life celebrations take place according to plan.

Your loved ones should be free to focus on grieving and remembering you without having to arrange funeral arrangements that do not reflect your wishes, particularly if you preplan and prepay the costs involved, which will reduce the financial strain placed on them by their funeral arrangements.

Arranging arrangements now gives you an excellent opportunity to compare funeral costs between providers in an orderly, unhurried way and on your schedule. When making this comparison, consider additional services and expenses such as transportation, casket selection, funeral flowers, and memorial tributes when considering prices.

By planning, you can secure today’s prices and save thousands in the long run. This is especially beneficial if you anticipate purchasing an expensive item such as a casket or headstone from a funeral home – state law mandates they provide an itemized list detailing costs for their services and merchandise offered.

Powers Funeral Home in Kershaw County is family owned and operated by Robbie and Teresa Powers, who take great pride in offering excellent services to their community. Robbie previously worked at Dunbar Funeral Homes in Columbia, SC, and McMillan-Small Funeral Homes in Myrtle Beach; they provide their expertise as you celebrate the life of a loved one with us.


Families and friends can feel secure knowing all aspects of the burial and funeral ceremonies are conducted according to an individual’s wishes. In contrast, funeral home services provide invaluable support in making decisions, as stated by those left behind at an emotionally difficult time. Funeral home services help make these difficult choices and ensure all arrangements take place according to what their loved one would have wished for.

Planned funeral arrangements provide peace of mind to family members during an otherwise challenging and emotional time. By prepaying, you can ensure that today’s costs won’t increase.

Pre-planning a funeral allows you to explore options, compare costs, and make decisions that best serve you and your family. Your plans will then be stored with the funeral home for reference when needed; speaking to an advisor may help clarify and follow them when the time comes. Meeting with one specifically to assist in pre-arranging the details can also be beneficial.

Piaecki Funeral Homes provides an easy, user-friendly online arrangement tool to assist with creating customized funeral plans. Choose from various cemetery, funeral, and memorial products and services and customize your selections to reflect your unique preferences – burial or cremation and special requests are available. Should you decide to prepay, your money is held in a state-approved trust account or insurance policy designed to have prearrangement funds while accumulating interest until used to cover final funeral services; any excess earnings are returned to your family as compensation.


Pre-arranging your final wishes is essential to funeral planning, from informal to more formal arrangements such as pre-need contracts. Piaecki Funeral Home can help you understand all your options and choose formats best suited to you and your family.

Pre-planning funerals have many advantages. It can save your loved ones from making difficult decisions during an emotionally trying time and help ease financial pressures by setting aside funds that cover costs. Furthermore, pre-planning allows family members to understand exactly what you want – eliminating potential conflicts caused by confusion over “What did he or she want?”

Dialoguing with a funeral director about your final wishes needn’t be stressful or awkward; it may bring loved ones closer together and allow them to learn more about you and understand you more closely. This conversation enables one to share life stories and passions among loved ones.

Prearranging funeral and burial plans has many possible forms, from at-need arrangements and prepayment plans to trust arrangements and trust-based prepayments. Our staff can guide you through each option and discuss how best to pay for them.

Life circumstances change over time, and it is wise to review your plan periodically to ensure it still aligns with your wishes and goals.

Piaecki Funeral Home provides an easy, step-by-step online arrangement tool that makes recording your end-of-life wishes and submitting them for safekeeping a breeze. Plus, with your login, you can easily access and make changes at any time – visit our Pre-Arrange Online page now to get started – it’s fast, free, and convenient. And should any queries arise, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions; we are here to help you plan the celebration of life!


Cremation services have become an increasingly popular choice in funeral homes, providing greater flexibility when planning and may be less expensive than burial. Most funeral homes offer cremation-specific products like caskets, urns, memorial chests, stationery such as guest register books, memorial folders, prayer cards, and catering and music services for visitations, ceremonies, and processions.

Some funeral homes feature on-site crematoriums that allow them to manage the arrangement process from start to finish. In contrast, others partner with third-party crematoriums to keep overhead costs low while offering families multiple end-of-life arrangements options. Either way, funeral directors are trained to assist families with making the best choices for their loved ones’ arrangements.

Once a loved one dies, funeral home staff will transport the body from its origin (such as a hospital/nursing facility/hospice or home) and arrange for its sanitary washing/bathing/dressing/shrouding at their funeral home. A metal identification tag may also be placed on it before it’s put into refrigeration or a temporary container for cremation or burial.

Suppose the funeral home arranges to conduct the burial service at a cemetery. In that case, they will assist in making arrangements with the cemetery for a casket or vault space, filing the death certificate and publishing an obituary, filing death claim benefits, coordinating visits from clergy members and family members, as well as funeral services as well as memorial displays and grave markers or monuments.

Funeral homes must also present to customers an itemized list of caskets and alternative containers regularly offered for sale and their retail prices, with brief descriptions for each. Cemetery deeds must also be returned within seven days unless otherwise requested; customers include anyone making funeral arrangements or their legal representative with authority to convey final wishes and be responsible for payment of bills.