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Renting a Home From Sylvan Homes


Sylvan Homes is a property management firm known for their simple application process and smooth leasing procedures. Additionally, they provide affordable rental options tailored to each budget – many tenants feel welcome while living at Sylvan Homes.

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Property Management

Sylvan Homes provides property management services to residential rental properties. Their services include tenant underwriting, marketing and leasing, collections, renewals, and resident relations; portfolio disposition services are also provided. Their customer service team has extensive training to provide each customer with an outstanding experience.

Tenants at this company appreciate its straightforward application process, smooth move-in procedures, and commitment to keeping rental properties in excellent condition while promptly responding to maintenance requests.

Additionally, the company provides a selection of home options that appeal to a diverse group of renters, such as single-family rentals and townhouses. Furthermore, lease agreements vary between monthly contracts and long-term agreements.

Despite its many positive reviews, some customers have experienced frustrations with Sylvan Homes. One customer wrote an online video on TikTok complaining about not getting her broken floor repaired after five months of waiting; in response, the company stated contractor issues had caused it. Another tenant reported having to wait over one week for maintenance to fix her air conditioner, which caused her to miss work and was quite frustrating.

Lease Agreements

Sylvan Homes provides high-quality residential rental properties in San Diego County, from single-family homes and townhomes to apartments. Their rental application process is quick and seamless, while excellent customer service ensures a smooth move-in process and superb communication from start to finish. Tenants frequently praise sylvan homes’ commitment to maintaining its rentals in good condition and quick responses when maintenance requests come up.

a)This Lease shall be subordinate to and subject to all underlying leases and mortgages or trust deeds which now or later affect the Real Property, including renewals, modifications, consolidations, and replacements thereof, whether explicitly mentioned herein. Furthermore, its terms and provisions will be governed and interpreted by State laws without reference to conflict-of-law principles.

Tenant agrees not to assign or sublease any portion of the Premises without Landlord’s written approval, which shall not be unreasonably withheld or conditional. Any assignment or sublease will be subject to all the covenants and conditions stated in this Lease, except Fixed Basic Rent payments.

Both parties agree to keep all terms, covenants, and conditions of this Lease, as well as inspections or audits, confidential. They will not disclose its details to any individual, corporation, partnership, association, newspaper, or periodical unless required by law or approved by Tenant’s accountant or attorney. The tenant shall keep any documentation related to this Lease and billing statements confidential.

If the parties cannot meet any time limit under this Lease because of Force Majeure, such as acts of God; strikes or other labor issues; inclement weather conditions; and delays in adjusting insurance proceeds, then such time will be extended accordingly. Force Majeure includes, but is not limited to: acts of God, strikes or other labor issues, inclement weather conditions, and delays in adjusting insurance proceeds.

On sale or destruction of Real Property, or abandonment/termination by Tenant or exercise of Termination Option (if applicable), Tenant’s Security Deposit will be returned; this does not relieve Tenant from paying any amounts owing under this Lease which must be settled before the return of Security Deposit.

Maintenance Requests

Sylvan Homes provides maintenance requests that are overseen by a team of knowledgeable professionals who strive to offer services tailored to meet the unique needs of every resident. In addition, their online portal enables tenants to submit service requests and monitor progress – giving you peace of mind knowing all essential details are being tracked accurately for their rental property.

Sylvan Homes has come under consumer scrutiny, with many citing poor customer service. Sylvan has been noted to take an unreasonably long time responding to requests, make mistakes in lease agreements, and offer inconsistent maintenance services with unreliable equipment.

The Maintenance Intake Coordinator oversees service requests from residents living in one of the company’s rental homes. He or she works closely with them to identify the cause of their issue and offer solutions through several troubleshooting procedures, assign vendors working on repair jobs to satisfy requests quickly, and works closely with accounting to process invoices timely.


If you plan to rent from Sylvan Homes, understand their payment terms to avoid incurring troublesome surprises. If necessary, have your real estate agent explain them or read up on their policies online for more information.

Sylvan Homes provide various housing options, from apartments and townhomes to property management services that prepare the property for new tenants, ensure timely payments are received, and ensure maintenance issues are adequately addressed. While Sylvan has received criticism for poor communication and maintenance problems, the company states they are working to address such concerns.

Sylvan rental applicants must be at least 18 with valid photo identification to be considered for a rental unit. They must also be able to demonstrate income by uploading supporting documents during the application process; furthermore, an application fee of $50 per adult and non-refundable is charged during application processing. Sylvan’s application process is valid for 60 days and allows anyone interested in any home they manage to apply. The primary applicant initiates it; additional adults or guarantors must also be listed. Applications should be aware that, should their application not be accepted, they cannot move in until signing and paying all applicable lease agreements and fees/deposits/advance rent. Sylvan Homes do not discriminate on any basis, such as race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, etc. To be considered for housing, they must submit proof of employment and credit history references before proceeding with their application process.