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Samsung Galaxy A12 128gb Review : A powerful battery at an exorbitant cost!

Samsung Galaxy A12 128gb Review


Here is the Samsung Galaxy A12 128gb Review. The Galaxy A12, Samsung’s newest entry-level phone, was recently released in India. The smartphone uses the One UI and is powered by a MediaTek processor. The smartphone has up to 128GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM. It has an entry-level cost of Rs 12,999.

Samsung Galaxy A12 128gb Review: Design and display


  • Textured body of plastic
  • 1,600 x 720-pixel, 6.5-inch display
  • Trustworthy fingerprint reader

Of course, this depends on individual taste, but in our opinion, the Samsung Galaxy A12 is among the more attractive plastic phones available. The handset’s sides are covered in a matte-finish shell, while the upper portion of the back is covered in a diagonal pattern of shallow ridges. The smooth bottom-most part produces A beautiful two-tone effect, which does not distract from the appearance.

The hardware protrudes just enough to prevent the phone from sitting flat on a tabletop, but the four rear cameras are grouped in a square module that is less obvious than similar arrangements on some other phones. It’s nice to see a headphone jack, a microSD card slot, and a downward-firing mono speaker included. The power button, which also functions as a fingerprint scanner, is incorporated within the phone’s right side, making it simple to use without changing your hold.

Samsung Galaxy A12 128gb Review
Samsung Galaxy A12 128gb Review

That’s impressive, given that the Galaxy A12 sports a large 6.5-inch PLS display surrounded by a relatively thick bezel and houses the selfie camera within a teardrop-shaped notch. Most individuals will find the screen’s 1600 x 720 resolution and pixel density of 270ppi more than sufficient for their needs. The only major drawback in terms of viewing angles is brightness. Maximum production can fall short on a sunny day.


  • 4-camera rear setup
  • Primary camera with 48 megapixels
  • Macro, depth, and ultrawide angle lenses

The four cameras on the Galaxy A12 look the same. A smartphone that takes photography thoughtfully includes a 48-megapixel primary lens, a 5-megapixel ultrawide lens, a 2-megapixel macro lens, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor.

While these can look compelling on a phone screen, they don’t look as hot on a larger screen or after cropping or zooming. The Galaxy A12 also offers the ability to quickly switch between regular and ultrawide cameras, which can capture dramatic-looking shots from a seemingly completely different perspective. An 8-megapixel selfie camera that supports Portrait, Pro, Macro, and Food Modes is located around the front of the phone.


One UI 2.5 is the operating system that powers the Samsung Galaxy A12. Based on Android 10, the proprietary operating system, we anticipate that the phone will soon be updated to the newest version of Android 11, if not already. A little bit superior to other custom OSes is Samsung’s One UI. You will have no trouble using the user interface if you are a Samsung user. If not, adjusting won’t require much time.

A system-wide Dark mode is available on the device. The Galaxy A12 supports gesture navigation. These can be customized during device setup or later in the Settings app on the phone. If desired, one can also reduce the screen’s effects.

About the chipset, the Samsung Galaxy A12 uses the decent MediaTek Helio P35 octa-core chipset. Given that it is an entry-level phone, we did not anticipate the gadget to function exceptionally well. Yet, the phone is extremely capable of doing day-to-day tasks. Eight Cortex-A53 processors are present in the phone. Although the other four operate at 1.8Hz, the others are clocked at up to 2.35GHz. App launches happen quickly. The apps are simple to switch between. The phone doesn’t have any significant heating issues.

The phone’s bottom-firing speaker is used to output sound. The sound levels are not too loud. It’s possible that you won’t like the sound quality either.

Samsung Galaxy A12 128gb Review
Samsung Galaxy A12 128gb Review


  • Amazing battery life
  • A chic two-tone appearance
  • An audio jack and expandable storage


  • A poor effort
  • Inadequate photography, delayed shutter
  • For the money, you can perform better.


Ultimately, it’s challenging to think of the Galaxy A12 as anything other than a Samsung failure. Indeed, the battery life is fantastic, and I genuinely hope the firm uses the two-tone design on more handsets, but even at £169, it falls short.

The fact that other companies are doing such fantastic work on a shoestring budget is much to blame, although Samsung’s entry-level phones have historically been competitive. It’s difficult not to blame the MediaTek Helios MT6765 totally for the disappointment. Mobile devices from Exynos and Qualcomm have never seemed this slow.