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Samsung Galaxy A71 Camera Review


Whether you are looking for a new smartphone or a new camera for your smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A71 has a lot of features that may appeal to you. This review takes a look at some of the most important features of this camera.

Wide dynamic range

Despite being a mid-range device, the Samsung Galaxy A71 offers impressive colors and a wide dynamic range. The device features a quad-camera system that includes a 12MP wide-angle shooter and a 5MP macro lens. It is equipped with an efficient stabilization system and a powerful single-LED flash.

The camera performs well in daylight and produces photos with good detail in DxOMark lab tests. However, indoors, the camera tends to underexpose pictures and the dynamic range is not great. Moreover, there is a visible blue color cast on all photographs. The A71 is also criticized for low detail on zoom shots and poor night portraits.

In low light, the Galaxy A71’s auto-flash tends to overexpose pictures and produce blurry cityscapes. It also produces inconsistent skin tones.

Full-HD resolution

Earlier this week, Samsung announced a more powerful version of the Galaxy A70 called the Galaxy A71. While it borrows the 64-megapixel primary camera from the Galaxy A70s, it also features a higher-resolution ultrawide camera, a better processor, and a new design. So while the new model looks more like a top-end phone, it’s still a solid mid-range option.

The Galaxy A71’s primary camera is capable of good exposure in well-balanced lighting. However, it tends to overexpose highlights and underexpose backgrounds.

The Galaxy A71 also has a gyroscope-based Electronic Image Stabilization system, which promises smoother playback on handheld videos. It does a good job, but there are still some noticeable artifacts.

Night mode

During a test of the Samsung Galaxy A71 camera, I could see how well the phone can take good night portraits. Its wide dynamic range allows the lens to get good exposure in the lightest and darkest scenarios.

The Samsung Galaxy A71’s dedicated night mode improves detail in dark objects. It also produces brighter and sharper images. However, the Galaxy A71’s night mode has a few downsides. It does not fix the noise. In addition, the camera does not perform as well in low light.

Some other features make up the Samsung Galaxy A71’s night mode, including the ability to take macro photos. In addition, the camera also supports a Live Focus feature that allows users to adjust blur intensity before taking the picture. This feature is handy in low light.


Having an autofocus feature can be very helpful for taking better photos. It can help to keep a person in focus if you’re photographing a person with a pronounced texture or sharp edge. If you’re photographing a dimly lit subject, autofocus can help you get the focus right.

The autofocus on Samsung Galaxy A71 is not as good as it was a year ago. However, it still performs well. Its autofocus system is based on a relatively simple idea. It uses a motor and a sensor to make a small change in the focusing distance. It then reads the AF sensor to assess whether it’s improving focus.

Colour accuracy

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730, the Samsung Galaxy A71 is a solid mid-range camera phone. The device boasts a 12MP ultra-wide lens that provides a wide field of view, but it doesn’t perform as well in low light as some rivals.

The Galaxy A71’s gyroscope-based Electronic Image Stabilization System (EIS) promises a smoother experience for handheld videos. A 5MP depth sensor also helps the phone produce some exciting blur effects. The camera can also take a 4K video at 30fps. It will also receive three years of security updates.

The Samsung A71’s camera takes good pictures in bright light. However, indoor images are not as vibrant as they should be. This is the result of substantial variations in white balance.

Video capture at 30fps

Whether you’re looking for a mobile device that records UHD 4K videos at 30fps or want to get some good pictures, the Samsung Galaxy A71 will do the trick. Its quad camera system, 6.7″ Super AMOLED + Infinity Display, and 25W fast charging are all impressive features.

However, while the A71’s camera has impressive specs, it doesn’t have the best video quality. While it can capture good exposure in well-lit conditions, its image quality suffers in low light. In general, the A71 produces a spritely, underexposed image, while geometric distortion tends to clip the edges of a photo.

In addition, the A71’s video quality suffers from heavy ringing artifacts. It also has noticeable focus instabilities.