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Top 10 Sweet Shops in Austin:Take your sweetest time indulging in a platter of dessert

Top 10 Sweet Shops in Austin


The challenge of creating a ranking of top 10 Sweet Shops in Austin is challenging. Austin city is home to a large number of bakeries and pastry shops. But I did manage to put together a list of the best desserts in a variety of ways, from farm-to-table to vegan and gluten-free to just plain decadent.

Yummi Joy

Austin is being kept sweet by Yummi Joy! Visit them for wonderful (vegan) ice cream, homemade fudge, chocolates, pick and mix, and hundreds of classic candy. All the conventional sugary pleasure is also available, as well as options for vegetarians in every category. Teas, classic sodas, and a full espresso bar are also available.

Contact: +1 512-296-2195


Sweet Memes

In order to be a fad like a MEME, Sweet Memes Dessert & Tea Shop must be a SWEET one! As soon as they tasted your sweet delicacies, you wanted to make them happy. The best and most recent ingredients are used to make all of our sweets. With just one bite of their signature dish, the Soufflé Pancake, you can lift any mood.

Contact: +1 512-893-3389


Big Top

Big Top, dubbed The Most Amazing Candy Store the World has Ever Known, is decked out in vintage circus memorabilia and features a working old-fashioned soda fountain and ice cream case, specialty chocolates and fudge, over 400 bulk candies and over 3000 wrapped candies, including both traditional favourites and brand-new global confections. Big Top welcomes everyone to come right up and enter their sugar-filled world, which satisfies the sweet tooth of children of all ages.

Contact: +1 512-462-2220

Top 10 Sweet Shops in Austin
Top 10 Sweet Shops in Austin


Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop

Cupcakes in Austin, TX, are the best ever. They have new flavours every month and are always fresh. I couldn’t limit myself to just one favourite if I had to. That much I can say. A true cupcake cannot be enjoyed unless it has been had at Sugar Mama’s.

Contact: +1 512-448-3727


Edis Chocolates

Their assortment of delectable chocolate desserts ranges from traditional favourites like brownies and cake to more daring choices like chocolate truffles and chocolate mousse. Their chocolate delicacies will not disappoint, whether you’re searching for a decadent treat for yourself or a special gift.

Contact: +1 512-795-9285


Delysia Chocolatier

Austin, Texas-based Delysia Chocolatier is a highly regarded handmade chocolate business. Delysia offers a variety of gourmet chocolate products, from their handcrafted truffles to sophisticated chocolate invitations.

Contact: +1 512-413-4701


Madhu Chocolate

A small-batch bean-to-bar craft chocolate manufactured in Austin, Texas, with a focus on flavours inspired by India. The cocoa comes from the Idukki Hills region of Kerala, India, and the Tumaco region of Colombia. All of our bars are then hand-roasted, cracked, winnowed, ground, flavoured, temper-tempered, and wrapped in an effort to produce the highest-quality bean-to-bar product.


Tiny Pies

They use four family old recipes to make fresh bread every day. Everything is handcrafted from scratch with the best natural ingredients available in the area. Each day, they provide four savoury pies and roughly 14 different sweet pies. They have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. They sell both savoury and sweet pies, starting with beef pot pies. Online ordering is available for local pickup and/or delivery.

Contact: +1 512-460-9697


Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea

From their traditional coffee menu, choose a freshly squeezed Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, or Mocha. As examples of distinctive signature beverages, consider Crème Caramel, Dreamy Cold Brew, French Vietnamese Au Lait, Thai Iced Tea, or Frozen Strawberry Bliss. Pomegranate Green, Oolong, Chai, Imperial Black, Matcha, and herbal teas are among the many premium teas they provide.

Top 10 Sweet Shops in Austin
Top 10 Sweet Shops in Austin

Contact: +1 737-717-3103



An attractive stop for great treats! Frozen bananas come in so many interesting types. Your sweet craving was definitely satiated by the extremely fresh bananas. A vegan alternative is also available. Yet every dish on the menu is delectable. Wonderful as a chilly treat on a steamy afternoon or as a delectable dessert after dinner. Unquestionably a must-see.

Contact: +1 512-522-9316


Final Thought

This list of the greatest desserts in Austin is your one-stop-shop for all things confectionery, whether you’re craving a sweet end to a meal or you’re just in the mood for dessert. You’ll want to try every item on this list, including the doughnuts, ice cream, and cupcakes!