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Top 10 Sweet Shops in San Jose:Pride Of The Sweet Treat Over The Years!

Top 10 Sweet Shops in San Jose


Are you looking for Top 10 Sweet Shops in San Jose? San Jose offers a wide variety of sweets that can satisfy any sweet tooth. A tasty way to cap off the day is with dessert. For a delectable mid-morning, mid-afternoon or late-night treat, you’re definitely always looking for new spots if you’re a dessert junkie. Thankfully, San Jose will sate your appetite for anything sweet, including ice cream, pastries, cream puffs, and shaved ice.

San Jose Candy Kitchen

Enjoy any occasion with the widest selection of gourmet popcorn in the Bay Area, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Caramel Apple variations and handcrafted fudge at this store. Everyday options include cheesecake and frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. one-of-a-kind, innovative FREAKSHAKE to sample.

Contact: +1 408-372-2639


Lolli & Pops

By obtaining the finest candies from around the globe, including handmade truffles, international candies, and a bulk bar with a variety of dozens of unusual gummies and chocolates.Customer courtesy is important to Lolli & Pops. With millions of visitors all around the United States, Lolli & Pops is bringing DELIGHT through sharing sweetness.

Contact: +1 408-225-2723



J.sweets offers delicious Japanese confections from carefully chosen, well-known companies, with a goal of offering high-quality Japanese sweets worldwide. With genuine hospitality, enjoy both the traditional and contemporary tastes of Japan.

Contact : +1 408-725-9263


Top 10 Sweet Shops in San Jose
Top 10 Sweet Shops in San Jose

Sweet Treats SJ

Local home-based business Sweet Treats SJ is located in San Jose, California (Bay Area). On various occasions, they serve specially crafted desserts such cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and other table treats.

Contact: (669)8886479


Sagar Sweets Restaurant

Since 1978, Sagar Sweets has happily provided food to the Bay Area. Customers have been prioritised from the beginning, and they consistently cater to their requirements and go above and beyond their expectations. A modest Indian sweet shop called Sagar Sweets first opened, offering a variety of sweets including barfi, ladoo, gulab jamun, etc. As it evolved through time, it became a modest family restaurant where anyone is welcome to stop in for a quick snack during tea time, lunch or supper.

Contact: +1 408-293-8832


La Original Paleteria y Neveria

Subtle Mexican ice cream parlour serving up classics like fruit cups, aguas frescas, and paletas.La Original offers you scrumptious Mexican sweets, ice cream, ice pops, fruits, snacks, tostilocos, rapados, flavour water, horchata, mango, and pineapple, among many other delectable treats to sweeten life a little.

Contact: +1 408-320-2387


Anton SV Pâtisserie

Are you searching for the best candies? Do you want it to taste good? The location is Anton SV! This restaurant is a must-try even though it’s tucked away a little. The Panna Cotta was smooth and creamy, and the tiramisu Mille Crepe cakes were excellent and soft! Each mille crêpe cake is provided at the peak of freshness because to their genuine dedication to client satisfaction.

Contact: +1 650-273-7357


CREAM San Jose

When you visit CREAM San Jose for an exquisite handcrafted and warm ice cream sandwich, you can satisfy your hunger for something wonderful and sweet. On the intersection of 1st Street and Post Street in the heart of San Jose, California, is where you can find the CREAM ice cream shop. There is street parking and outdoor seating available.

Contact: +1 408-320-1519


BiBi Bakery & Cafe

A welcoming bakery and café serving pastries from Europe and Iran, cookies, specialty cakes, wedding cakes, ice cream, espresso, fresh juices, and sandwiches. Outside sitting in a cosy environment. ample parking that is free. Our area of expertise is custom cake embellishments. Mango mousse cake, chocolate mousse cake, and princess cake are the best around! also gorgeous wedding cakes!

Top 10 Sweet Shops in San Jose
Top 10 Sweet Shops in San Jose

Contact: +1 408-247-4888


Rangoli Sweets

At Rangoli, they set out to build a classy Indian eatery that serves imaginative, artistic renditions of Northern and Coastal Indian dishes. Visit them right away for delicious, authentic Indian treats and bakery goods!

Contact: +1 408-244-1160



The traditional cookies, brownies, and ice cream aren’t the only desserts available in San Jose. Instead, the city provides a wide range of goodies that don’t compromise on flavour, beauty, or taste for both tourists and residents. It is challenging to choose just one location when there are so many options and locations.