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USAA Pet Insurance Reviews


USAA has been a well-known organization offering financial products and insurance solutions to military members since 1922. It has partnered with Embrace Pet Insurance Agency, LLC, to offer discounted pet insurance policies to its members.

Embrace offers comprehensive accident and illness plans that cover various illnesses and injuries. In addition, it provides an option for wellness rewards that covers training, grooming, and other preventive care with no per-item limits.


The cost of Usaa Pet Insurance Reviews varies depending on the type of plan you buy. Accident-only plans are cheaper than comprehensive ones, and the age of your pet affects premium prices.

USAA doesn’t directly administer pet insurance, but it has partnered with Embrace Pet Insurance since 2014. Unlike some of its competitors, which offer coverage through their insurance companies, Embrace is underwritten by American Modern Insurance Group Inc.

Embrace’s accident and illness plans cover many accidents and illnesses, including cancer, dehydration, hereditary conditions, and behavioral problems. The company also offers wellness add-ons that help pay for vaccinations and other routine services.

Claims are filed with Embrace via its website, smartphone app, email, or fax; it usually takes 10 to 15 days to process. Embrace also has a healthy pet deductible, which reduces your annual deductible by $50 yearly, so you don’t get a claim reimbursement. This could drop your deductible down to $0.


USAA, a financial services company serving military members since 1922, offers discounted pet insurance through Embrace. Its accident and illness plans cover various injuries, including cancer treatment and behavioral therapy.

Embrace also offers wellness rewards, which reimburse pet owners for preventive care, like wellness exams and vaccinations. This is an excellent option for pet owners who want to make sure they’re getting the best possible care for their pets.

Another good feature is USAA’s dental insurance, which covers veterinary costs for extractions, broken and fractured teeth, crowns, root canals, and gingivitis. This is a great benefit to have, and it’s something that not all insurance companies offer.

Pre-existing conditions are covered up to a year after your pet’s enrollment or during the initial waiting period. This is a generous policy and is considered standard in the industry.

Customer service

One of the best perks of pet insurance is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re covered for unexpected costs. But pet owners may be concerned that the claims process can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Luckily, USAA makes the process as seamless and painless as possible with its online claims portal and smartphone app. It even has pet pros around the clock to answer your pet-related questions.

It also has the best deductible in the industry. This is because, every year your pet doesn’t make a claim, the company will deduct $50 from your annual premiums.

While it’s not the first pet insurance company to hit the market, it certainly has made its mark with a unique pet insurance product. With various wellness and accident coverage options and the best customer service in the industry, this is a carrier to keep an eye out for if you’re looking to cover your furry friend.

Waiting periods

Before you enroll your pet in a pet insurance plan, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. This will ensure you get the coverage you need and avoid paying for vet visits that aren’t covered.

Most pet insurers require a waiting period before they pay out on claims. This can be as short as 14 days or as long as six months, depending on the company.

Another thing to look for is exclusions, which are conditions that a policy won’t cover. This is especially important to consider if your dog or cat has a chronic or hereditary disease.

Figo offers accident and illness plans that reimburse up to a specific annual maximum amount, as well as wellness plans. It also covers veterinary exam fees, and alternative and behavioral therapies. It also reimburses pre-existing conditions after a waiting period and is one of the few companies to offer a 100% reimbursement option.