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What is the Salary of a Shine Employee?


Shine employees report an average salary of $720,802 annually, according to employee and third-party sources’ submissions on Indeed.

Shine offers highly competitive salaries to employees working in its engineering and sales departments, with the senior vice president of sales being amongst its highest-paying departments with an annual compensation average of $201,840.

Minimum Salary

Shine employees typically earn the highest minimum salaries; those working in engineering typically command higher wages, while employees in administrative, plant/manufacturing, and management roles may receive reduced pay.

According to data provided from job postings, shine employees in the US earn an estimated average annual salary of $720,802, as reported on ZipRecruiter – an online job recruiting site. Actual compensation may depend upon location and local economic conditions.

After factoring in federal and state taxes, an employee of Shine can expect an average take-home pay of approximately $21,270 annually assuming their employer uses the standard individual tax rate.

Monthly Salary

Shine employees’ salaries depend on many factors, including position responsibilities, company culture, and location. A company emphasizing hard work and high productivity may pay its employees higher wages than one with more relaxed work environments; also, headquarters size can affect Shine; our average annual salary is $21,000 a year.

Shine offers its employees a monthly minimum salary of $13,000, while their maximum is $15,000. Shine provides its employees various benefits, including flexible scheduling, free car wash service, and health insurance coverage. Furthermore, training and support services help employees meet their goals effectively. Salary scales at Shine vary according to department and location, with engineering and sales departments offering some of the highest compensation packages.

Epic Shine employees may receive referral bonuses when new hires come through their referral. This incentive encourages employees to do well both at work and school.

Employees can receive holiday pay on company-recognized holidays. Non-exempt employees who work during this period will be compensated a time and a half for each hour worked. Furthermore, this company offers employees flexible spending accounts to save money on medical and childcare costs.

Epic Shine employees also can take advantage of an outstanding 401(k) plan – allowing them to plan for their future and secure their financial well-being.

Yearly Salary

Shine employees receive annual salaries that depend on both their position and location. For instance, Shine New York City employees averaged a yearly salary of $201,840–more than double that of the national average of $54,932! Their total compensation package comprises both base pay and variable compensation – with variable pay based on performance-related goals met or expectations surpassed receiving additional income when meeting them; additionally, it’s determined based on employee experience and skills.

The company provides numerous employee benefits to its staff members. These include medical and dental coverage and participation in a retirement savings plan – ideal if starting a family!

Shine employees are eligible for holiday and overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours per week.

If you’re considering applying to Shine, you must understand their hiring process. They use an algorithmic approach to extort money from candidates: first asking for a 3-4K registration fee before asking ten questions regarding education and experience. Furthermore, an interview may take up to a month.

Shine offers its employees more than the standard benefits package. It includes free car washes for every employee, bonuses for years of service and commitment, and an incentive bonus when employees refer friends or relatives to join Shine.

Shine’s community outreach program, SHINE (Start Helping Impacted Neighborhoods Everywhere), has earned national acclaim as an innovative solution to making nonviolent offenders complete meaningful community service hours. Judges sentence non-violent offenders to an assigned number of SHINE hours before giving them to supervised crews so they may repay society while making Oklahoma County neighborhoods and business districts safer places for all.

SHINE has successfully reduced jail populations by about 80 inmates per day, saving taxpayer dollars on incarceration costs and helping community groups with requests for trash cleanup and graffiti removal.

Percentage of Salary

Shine employees’ salary percentage is determined by several factors. Skills and experience tend to determine earnings; you may be able to increase this with extra hours worked by negotiating with your employers; follow these tips if you wish to arrange for higher pay:

Before accepting any offers from companies, it is essential to consider the benefits of each position and research the job description and qualifications for that position to make sure they match your skill set. Furthermore, speaking to current employees about their experiences can provide more insight. You could also read reviews online of similar companies for an idea of what they offer.

Shine offers an average annual salary of $84,838, slightly less than Life Performance Coaching at $97,076 annually. Salaries at Shine vary by department, with General Manager jobs commanding higher pay while Group Facilitator roles offer less.

New and inexperienced employees typically receive salaries with a compa-ratio between 80%-90%, which indicates they are being compensated competitively compared to others in their industry. It is important to remember that any amounts over 100% should only be awarded to employees who consistently outshone the industry average performance.

Shine offers an hourly average salary of $347, significantly higher than similar companies within its industry. Below is a table with examples of such companies; click any name to learn more about its hourly ranges and compare them with Shine. Additionally, these firms also provide their employees with various other benefits in addition to hourly pay.