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Adguard android: An in-depth guideline!

Adguard android


This time we’ll “disassemble” AdGuard Android, the second flagship product. AdGuard is continually changing. We continuously work to remain on top of things, take user feedback into account, and improve our products. We’ve been intending to update our detailed assessment of all the features AdGuard solutions can offer for a while now..

As you may already be aware, AdGuard for Android provides a long range of functions for both ad blocking and privacy protection. And now we’ll go over each of them so you can use our programme to its fullest extent.

Ad Blocking

The main objective of any ad blocker is, well, to block adverts. It is not unexpected that the bulk of available software uses the same ad blocking algorithm.The majority of the most widely used ad blockers, however, are browser extensions, which are obviously not ideal for Android. Sadly, the apps that are available on the Android market are not particularly strong. For instance, this link will take you to a comparison page on mobile ad blockers. If you want to know how AdGuard differs from other ad blockers in its methods, read it.

adguard android
adguard android

Although the notion of the ad blocking tool is quite straightforward, there are several details that merit a separate discussion. Most importantly, AdGuard functions as an all-purpose filter for your apps’ traffic, sorting through it to determine what to do with each individual web request, unlike many other ad blockers on the market. Filters, which are collections of unique rules, control the entire process. In addition to the program’s built-in filters, which are updated frequently, you can also add your own filtering rules.


The application employs a wide range of filters, both our own and those provided by public third parties, arranged according to language and function. For instance, the “Annoyances filter” and the “Filter for beneficial adverts” are extremely different.

HTTPS filtering

Nowadays, practically all web traffic is encrypted using the secure HTTPS protocol. Unfortunately, it is also utilised by advertising moguls, which is why a modern ad blocker must support HTTPS filtering. To be able to prevent HTTPS advertisements, we must first clear some extra hurdles. AdGuard requires your explicit permission to use HTTPS, so we strongly advise you to take a moment, click the “HTTPS filtering” item in the app’s menu, and turn on this option. It can be done in two simple steps.

Other attributes

It features DNS filtering, user filtering, DNS blocking, custom DNS servers, proxy and TOR, malware and phishing, apps administration, filtering logs, and DNS filtering.

adguard android
adguard android

A Great Website for Ad Blocking

Overall: Compared to programmes like AdBlock, Adguard provides better capabilities and improves my browsing experience across all browsers. We are now safer and offering better services to all of our users, who regularly use the internet and occasionally click on inappropriate websites. With Adguard, I’m not concerned about viruses or that any obtrusive advertising material shows up on consumers’ PCs out of the blue. I fervently urge you to use this programme to enhance your navigational experience in terms of safety.

Pros: – From the most basic version, it has a very good GUI interface that is user-friendly for all types of users. – Excellent third-party assistance from other users who can assist you with any options you are unable to locate. To be honest, I’m really delighted with this product because it works great for many different kinds of websites.

Cons: I haven’t had any problems with this application’s ability to properly filter advertising, at least not yet. So there is nothing that I despise seriously.


AdGuard is somewhat unpredictable. Before writing this article, we had not heard much about it, but it appeared to function properly for us. Similar to Adblock Plus, the programme disables advertisements. Web traffic is filtered by AdGuard, a service that operates in the background. Although a little more setup is necessary, it does function without root. Like programmes like GlassWire, it also monitors all of your web activity. Additionally, a stylish Material Design UI is provided to tie everything together. Only in web browsers are advertising blocked in the free version. You do receive the premium edition of AdGuard for your Windows PC or Mac computer if you pay the $24.99 monthly fee for the premium version.