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Pumpkin Pet Insurance Reviews


Pumpkin Pet Insurance is a good choice for pet owners who want a quality plan with preventative care. The company’s philosophy is to keep healthy pets happy and healthy and provide them with essential preventive care as needed. In addition, the company offers several benefits and has a mobile-optimized website. Read on to learn more about this pet health insurance company.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions

Whether your pet has an accident or has been suffering from illness, it’s essential to consider a pet insurance plan that covers pre-existing conditions. Although some policies have strict exclusions, the most basic plans will cover injuries or illnesses that have already occurred. Coverage can include 90% of vet visits, vaccinations, and prescription food costs. Some plans even cover behavioral issues, including neutering and spaying.

The website for Pumpkin Pet Insurance provides detailed coverage information and a sample policy for your state. The company also promises to respond to emails and phone calls daily. In addition, you can get a small monthly premium insurance policy covering pre-existing conditions for dogs and cats.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance covers all conditions with a 14-day waiting period, shorter than many other companies. However, it is essential to note that other pet insurance plans require you to wait six months before your pet can be covered. So if your dog is susceptible to joint pain or other problems, that can be a problem.

High reimbursement rate

Pumpkin pet insurance offers a high reimbursement rate for medical expenses for both dogs and cats. The insurer reimburses the costs for a wellness exam, two vaccinations for adult dogs, and a yearly worm test and blood test for heartworms. It also reimburses for up to four vaccinations for puppies. Although the insurer does not have an in-network provider network, this does not prevent customers from getting reimbursements for veterinarian bills.

Pumpkin’s claims process is efficient, and the company’s customer service team is friendly. The company is mobile-optimized and has an active customer support blog offering pet owners advice. Pumpkin also offers a common illness and accident policy for dogs and cats. It also offers supplementary preventive coverage, including dental health care. Pumpkin also reimburses for prescription food for covered illnesses. Pumpkin’s claims process is quick and easy, and the company pays the claims directly to the policyholder.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance is one of the market’s most comprehensive pet health plans. It covers preventive care, illness, and even surgery. With its focus on preventive care, the company claims that your pet will remain healthy all year round. Additionally, the policy lets customers visit any licensed veterinarian and health facility in the U.S. – meaning you’ll never have to worry about whether your preferred veterinarian accepts your policy.

Easy to claim

Pumpkin Insurance is an excellent option for pet owners who want to protect their pets. They have a simple claim process that can be completed entirely online. Once you pay your deductible and submit your vet’s bill, the insurance company will reimburse you for up to 90 percent of the cost of the treatment. However, some pet insurance companies require you to mail your bill before reimbursing you.

The company is relatively new, but they already have a reputation for being one of the easiest to claim. The company is based in New York City and officially launched on April 30, 2020. The company is backed by Zoetis, a global animal health company, and aims to provide preventive care plans for pet owners.

Pumpkin offers several different policies for pets, and rates vary by the size of your pet. Quotes for Pumpkin insurance start at $30 a month. You can choose from plans with a $15,000 annual cap and a $250 deductible. Premiums will depend on your pet’s age, but a plan can save you hundreds of dollars if you insure your pet at a younger age.

Mobile-optimized website

The mobile-optimized website of Pumpkin Pet Insurance makes it easy for customers to make claims online. Customers can easily log in to their account and submit the required details, including an itemized vet bill. The company processes claim quickly and reimburse covered services via direct deposit or paper check. Customers can also submit their claims by email or postal mail.

The mobile-optimized website also makes it easy to access information from any device. The site is easy to navigate and offers many benefits, including a fun blog with pet health information. The company also offers a monthly live Q&A with a licensed veterinarian.

In addition to being mobile-friendly, the website allows users to browse through and compare policies on the go. Customers can also compare insurance prices based on their pets’ size and breed. Premiums for older pets will be higher, while lower premiums will be available for younger pets. The company also allows users to add additional pets and rewards them with a 10% multi-pet discount.