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Top 10 Home Appliance Companies in United States of America – Know More Details!

Top 10 Home Appliance Companies in United States of America


We make use of home appliances in our everyday lives for fulfilling many requirements. In this blog, we have talked about the top 10 home appliance companies in United States of America that you should be aware of.

Whirlpool Corporation

This particular company comes with approximately 92,000 employees having its factories scattered across the globe. Whirlpool Corporation is known to manufacture virtually every kind of appliance that you can think of. It has also got several well-known sub-brands under it which are also big companies in their own rights. Whirlpool follows an extremely competitive pricing technique for enabling deeper penetration into the market.


This appliance company has its headquarters in Chicago and it also manufactures virtually every type of appliance out there. The most notable thing is that this company has also received several awards because of its reliable performance over the years. In general, Kenmore can boast of having dishwashing, refrigeration, small appliances, grills, garbage disposal items, floor care, and so forth.

Kitchen Aid

Apart from mixers, Kitchen Aid is known to manufacture and market stand mixers as well as refrigerators, food processors, cooktops, dishwashers, blenders, and so forth. Incidentally, this company happens to be an integral part of Whirlpool, and it has launched its global marketing campaigns successfully. Incidentally, this particular company is approximately 100 years old.


At first, this company was referred to as the Maytag washing machine Company, and it has many washing machines, dishwashers, cooktops, healthcare items, dryers, and so forth among its many products. This company also owns several popular sub-brands such as Amana, Admiral, Caloric, Norge, Jenn Air, and Magic Chef. The most notable thing is that Maytag is providing outstanding services for more than 35 years and it is quite reliable as well.

Top 10 Home Appliance Companies in United States of America
Top 10 Home Appliance Companies in United States of America


In case you are looking for vacuum cleaners, heaters, hairdryers, bladeless fans, special kinds of contra rotator washing machines, and lighting equipment then this company will be your ideal solution. Previously, the headquarters of this company was in Wiltshire in England. However, the headquarters had been moved to Singapore in 2019 and factories have been built in Singapore and Malaysia.


We all know this company for its exclusive range of fridges that have become quite popular these days. Apart from refrigerators, Frigidaire likewise prepares different types of stoves and cooking ranges, cooktops, microwaves, washing machines, ovens, freezers, air conditioners, water filters, ventilation, etc. Frigidaire also manufactures some specialized ovens known as gallery ovens which happen to be quite energy efficient.


There is no doubt that it is one of the greatest companies that you will ever come across in the world right now. Bosch will provide you with various items such as refrigerators, dishwashers of different control mechanisms, induction, and ovens, including wall ovens, steam ovens, combo type, plus electric as well as gas cooktops, etc. Bosch has the distinction of launching black stainless steel accessories for the kitchen as well as counter-depth refrigerators these days.


This home appliance company was referred to as Viacom from 1999 to 2006 and was also referred to by the same name since 2019 once again. Westinghouse has a reputation for providing generators, turbines, switchgear as well as motors that are of top quality. The company makes use of an outstanding marketing strategy that helps it to serve many households across the world with almost every kind of appliance at present.


The flagship division of this company happens to be ventilation, heating, as well as air conditioning items. It has its headquarters in Texas and is operating for more than 100 years serving its customers in the best possible way. An exclusive marketing campaign has been created by Lennox for reducing the bridge between the service dealers and end-users under the cooling division.

Magic Chef

This particular company is known to manufacture appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, dryers and washers, cooktops, beverage coolers, ice makers, and so forth. Magic Chef depends on its dependable customer base as its technique and tries to stick to its taglines carefully. It likewise manufactures commercial usage items such as merchandisers, commercial cooking, and bar equipment.

Top 10 Home Appliance Companies in United States of America
Top 10 Home Appliance Companies in United States of America


So, these are all the top 10 home appliance companies in the US right now. All these companies will provide you with outstanding products that will help you to perform your daily activities without any problem at all.